Foreign student Chris Rui came to Chengdu Library to apply for a Reader's Card

time:2016-12-07  count:0


Chris Rui comes from Ghana and he is studying for his doctorate at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). Meanwhile, he is head of the international patrol in Tongzilin Community. On February 6th, he came to Chengdu Library and applied for Reader’s Card. It came true that foreigners enjoy same right as ordinary Chengdu citizens to borrow or return books from or to your neighborhood public library.

UESTC is one of national key universities, which attracts over 500 international students to come here and study. Chris Rui works mainly in the expat-concentrated Tongzilin community in Chengdu, where more than 2,600 foreigners live. Chris Rui is an important representative of international students in UESTC and also head of the international patrol in Tongzilin Community. He has been making Chinese corner, English corner with foreigners, taking part in community activities, supporting the community’s construction and disputing neighbor’s resolution. Chris Rui said, “As a foreigner, I am eager to mix with locals. So I should learn about more customs of society to get used to my study and life. I’m interested in history and literature. I will call for more foreigners, students or office workers to enjoy Chengdu public cultural services. I wanna be a local person. ” After getting Reader’s Card, Chris Rui looked through classic books in Chinese books circulation Room. At last, he borrowed the story of celadon painting, which is a foreigner’s first experience of Chengdu public cultural services.