Reader Registration Regulation

Reader Registration Regulation

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1. Foreigners are eligible to apply for a Chengdu Public Library card free of charge and enjoy same rights as registered Chinese citizens to make borrowing and returning function available to your closest one among 21 Chengdu public libraries.

2. Borrowing Privileges:

●  Borrowing quota:8 books, 4 magazines and 1 CD or DVD at a time; Loan period: 30 days( renewable once online or call 028-86122628); Return all books/magazines/CD/DVD on loan to anyone of 21 Chengdu public libraries.

●  0.1 yuan per a day for one overdue book/magazine/CD/DVD

●  Resources of Chengdu Digital Library are freely available at

3. Registration Regulations:

●  Foreigners can apply with passports at the card registration counter only in Chengdu Library now.

●  Card number: abbreviation of the applicant's nationality or region and passport number(1. All abbreviations refer to GB/T 2659-2000; 2. Card number and its barcode will be printed on the card when making registration.)

●  Set a password when making registration.

●  Library card is valid for 4 years and it is free to be renewed after the expiry date.

●  If your card is lost or stolen, inform the library immediately.

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